Self-assessment of digital skills

In the first weeks of the new year, INCCAS developed 50 question and answer sets for a self-assessment tool on behalf of the GIZ Academy for International Cooperation (AIZ), with which GIZ employees can assess their personal digital knowledge, skills and abilities. The questions are based on a „Compass for digital competences“ developed by AIZ with 16 competence fields. Depending on the competence level and function of the employees at GIZ the questions shown will be marked differently. Employees can access their results of the self-assessment individually, which are presented visually and include appropriate further training recommendations / offers.The further training measures were implemented with regards to the GIZ corporate goal for 2020 „enable employees the digital shift“.

The project was carried out by Karin Pries and Ulla Reichberg. INCCAS was also commissioned with the translation into 3 other languages, in detail they were carried out by Tania Schwierani (English), Michael Butting (French) and Melanie Wieschalla (Spanish).