Here you will find a selection of our clients and projects (just click on the logos).

Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ)

Since 2000 INCCAS develops e-learning programmes for GIZ (formerly InWEnt) for various context of international cooperation, including portals, workspaces for cooperation and training courses on the GIZ-platform Global Campus 21, as well as materials for users, authors and tutors. Training for employees, authors and tutors and evaluations of different e-learning measures were also done by Karin Pries.


Further training for adult indigenous people in Mexico

On behalf of the BMZ, Karin Pries evaluated adult education projects of the Institute for International Cooperation, IIZ/DVV, in Mexico and other countries.


Deutscher Akademischer Austauschdienst, DAAD

On behalf of the DAAD (German Academic Exchange Service) Ludger Pries evaluated, together with other experts, the quality assurance systems of different universitys in Central America. The evaluation was carried out in the context of a long-term project of the Central American university council Consejo Superior Universitario Centroamericano, CSUCA, in order to establish a regional system of accreditation of all public institutions of higher education in Central America. The aim of this system of accreditation is to make the different university degrees comparable in all Central American countries and to make them mutually acceptable.


Foundation Education and Development

Installation of an interactive platform for the cooperation between two Swiss environmental foundations; the aim is to create a national agency specialised in “Education for sustainable development”.


Volkswagen AG

In cooperation with the automobile company VW and the Chair for Sociology / Organisation, Migration and Participation of Ruhr-University Bochum, INCCAS carried out a survey among all of the more than one hundred thousand employees of all German production sites of VW in 2011/2012. The aim was to investigate the role of participation within the company from the perspective of the employees, works councils and executives.


Stadtverwaltung Essen

In 2011-2012 INCCAS realized a survey project in cooperation with the Centre for Studies on Turkey and Research on Integration [] and Ruhr-University Bochum [] on the improvement of employee and client satisfaction for the administration of the city of Essen. It was carried out in the department of migration and integration. Employees of the city administration, whose work field has to do with migration and integration, as well as clients with migration and integration-related matters were questioned and the results were used to formulate action-oriented recommendations.



IG Metall

In the context of educational work for trade-unions, the IG-Metal carried out the EU-promoted project “Net2Qualiy – EWC” for further training of European works councils. INCCAS accompanied the works councils and trade-union representatives from six European countries during their exchange of experiences and cooperation on the interactive Moodle-platform.


Office of cooperation RUB/IMU

On behalf of the Gemeinsame Arbeitsstelle RUB / IG Metal, INCCAS evaluated the workshop “Technological change and innovation in energy and green technology as a topic of EWC”, which was carried out by IG Metal. This workshop had a duration of three weeks and was part of the EU-promoted project “Net2Quali – EWC”, which IG Metal implemented in order to give further training to European works councils. Participants were works councils of different companies and large enterprises, amongst which Bosch, Siemens, Vesta and Alstom are the best known, as well as trade-union representatives from Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Spain, Czeck Republic, Germany and the European Union.



International Labour Organization (ILO)

In 2013/2014 INCCAS is developing a Blended Learning Course on “Global Workers’ Rights” on behalf of the International Labour Organization ILO. The online phase of the course will take place on the INCCAS learning platform Moodle with participants from India, South Africa, Brazil, the USA and Germany in 2014.


Fairtrade International

In 2012 INCCAS did a survey (in four languages) on the satisfaction with the support by Fairtrade amongst all producers of Fairtrade International (FLO). It was the first extensive survey among the producers in Africa, Asia and Latin America and the survey was highly welcomed.


Swiss Tropical and Public Health Institute(Swiss TPH)

The blended learning course “Management of Medicines in International Health”, which was developed in cooperation with Swiss TPH, is carried out annually by the German Society for International Cooperation, GIZ, with approximately 30 participants from Africa. It was accredited by Troped.



Mecanismos de Denuncia

We developed this online-course in 2010 on behalf of Misereor about mechanisms of complaining, which has been carried out ever since on an annual basis.

The Latin American partner organisations from the extracting and mining industry shall become familiar with hard and soft law mechanisms and be enabled to defend themselves with juridical and non-juridical means from violations of human rights and environmental offences committed by transnational companies.

Specialised partner: Susanne Friess

Course development partner: Carlos Zárate E.


Engagement Global

KMK- BMZ Projekt Entwicklungspolitische Bildung

INCCAS developed the homepage of the joint project group of the conference of ministers for the arts and culture and the federal ministry ofr economic development and cooperation.

Access to the homepage: Homepage


Hans Böckler Stiftung

On behalf of this foundation, INCCAS did a study on the topic of “Intercultural Competence in Border-crossing Professional Contexts” in cooperation with the Gemeinsame Arbeitsstelle RUB-IG-Metall


Protestant hospital society Herne/Castrop-Rauxel

INCCAS has been carrying out patient (since 2003) and employee (since 2005) surveys in the hospitals of the Protestant group of hospitals in Herne-Castrop Rauxel. The results were evaluated systematically, processed didactically and presented in the different departments of the hospitals. These surveys contribute significantly to a continuous development of the organization.


The Protestant hospital of Witten

Surveys on patient and employee satisafaction have been realised in this hospital of the social welfare work Ruhr since 2010.


Evangelische Stiftung Augusta

INCCAS has been carrying out surveys on the satisfaction of patients and employees in the hospitals of this foundation on a regular basis since 2005. These surveys contribute significantly to a continuous improvement of the hospital’s services.


Allgemeines Krankenhaus Hagen GmbH

INCCAS is conducting a survey of all admitting doctors for the General/Public Hospital (AKH) Hagen in 2014. By means of this survey the hospital wants to identify its strengths and weaknesses, in order to improve its referral system and to enable a better adjustment of its services to the requirements of the admitting doctors.