Patient/client satisfaction from a new perspective!

cockpit_2On behalf of a hospital association in the Ruhr area in Germany, INCCAS created a web based cockpit for monitoring patient satisfaction. The cockpit might not only be interesting for hospitals but also for all those enterprises and organisations which conduct regularly surveys on the satisfaction of their clients in the context of their quality management.


This cockpit can now also be programmed for your institution!

We constantly survey all your patients/clients. The continuous monitoring through the newly developed cockpit can be integrated in the ongoing certification of quality management in your institution. You receive detailed information about the overall satisfaction of the patients’ stay at your hospital as well as further details considering the satisfaction with the nursing and medical care or, in other sectors, about the satisfaction with single products and services.

INCCAS updates the results on a database. Thereby you constantly have all the important information displayed in a chart and can use these results and developments targeted for improvement and solutions.

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