INCCAS sets up a Moodle platform for DAAD

On May 4th INCCAS presented the Moodle platform drewn up for the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) with the project „Dhoch3“ in Berlin. This project promots the academic formation of German teachers worldwide: eight modules were developed by professional experts in eight different German universities (more information about this project (this page is unfortunately only available in German language):

INCCAS participated in the project development by consultancy regarding digital learning, offers the technical structure for the eight universities to present their material on the platform, performs training courses for the use of the platform and provides technical support. Currently, the modules which have been developed already, are going through pilot testing at partner universities in several different countries.

The project logo you can see here was designed for INCCAS by the graphic designer Ute Semper, with whom INCCAS has regularly collaborated successfully in the past years.