Consultancy & Evaluation

As consultants we help organisations and their members to discover and develop their own potential. Our consultancy can – often on the basis of studies and surveys – be focused on either specific problems and weak points or the achievements of further objectives. It is normally carried out along with other services, like for example the planning of internet-based projects.

We give advice to companies and interest groups of the economy, as for example the automobile, chemical and health sector, professional associations and trade unions, as well as public institutions like ministries, city councils, universities and hospitals.


Quality should not be controlled only at the end of the value chain or a project. Instead, we aim to integrate quality assurance into the process of service provision itself. This includes customer and employee surveys as well as evaluations.

Regular measuring of the effect of specific programmes and projects is necessary in addition to routine and process-integrated reflexions. For this reason we use simple summative evaluations in combination with more complex formative evaluations, according to what is needed in specific situations.

Examples of what we do

Net2quali: Consultancy for a border-crossing network of cooperation for European works councils

Consultancy of hospital societies

Consultancy for the improvement of municipal services in the field of migration and integration

Evaluation of a programme of promoting cooperation amongst institutions of higher education in Central America

Evaluation of Blended Learning – courses on HIV and AIDS

Adult education for indigenous groups in Mexico