News on the topic of flight

ankommen-ludger [194280]

1. The INCCAS member Ludger Pries published a book on the subject of migration and arrival. He makes the different stages of flight, along the arrival to the social participation subjects of discussion and sees the movement of refugees as a historic chance not only for the refugees themselves, but also for the groups already living in Germany, to arrive in Europe and in themselves. Currently this book is only available in German language.


2. INCCAS is extending the offers of the voluntarily for the city of Bochum created website Flüchtlingshilfe in Bochum by a further category of offers for refugees:

Here information about current offers and projects for refugees in the area of Bochum will be presented in English, French and Arabic. A team of volunteers regularly translates the interesting events for refugees and enters them on a daily basis in the calendar.

The website presents activities with refugees from 54 organisations and initiatives in and around the city of Bochum. Since its release in November 2015 it was accessed about 500.000 times. We are very happy about the positive acceptance!

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